With yesterday’s release of the brand new Star Trek Into Darkness poster, film fans could have been forgiven for believing they’d seen it all before, and it’s not the first time poster makers have used existing posters for successful films as inspiration for their own poster designs.

It’s hardly a new thing to see old design elements creeping onto new posters – once a winning formula has been found, marketing departments are unlikely to simply give it up, and familiarity tricks audiences into believing the new film will somehow recapture the successes of the inspiration by association. So you can see the value in it.

But some posters are more intelligent in their copy-catting than others…

8. Star Trek Into Darkness

The use of the logo blown out of crumbling architecture, the industrial-like heavy-metal framework, the colour scheme – all features that point towards the Star Trek Into Darkness poster being a rip-off of the Dark Knight Rises poster. But the most condemning evidence is simply placing the two side-by-side…

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This article was first posted on December 4, 2012