The Martian: 8 Ways It Shows Hollywood How To Do Science Right

They really scienced the sh*t out of it.

20th Century Fox

Right, I have written (whinged) quite a bit in the past about the crimes against science committed by the film industry, and I was all ready to do it again for The Martian. 

However, the thing about this film is that its heart is so thoroughly in the right place that it simply doesn't matter that the storm at the beginning wouldn't happen in real life.

The entire attitude to science in this film is a breath of fresh air. I've never been able to put my finger on what exactly irritates me so much about bad movie science, but somehow The Martian has managed to circumvent it with its impertinent refusal to overdramatise Science with a capital "S" for the sake of it.

It also helps that Matt Damon takes his shirt off in the first 15 minutes (because of plot).

Aside from the science, I learnt some other very important things whilst watching The Martian. On my own. In the middle of the day. With an XL Tango Ice Blast (all the flavours, obvs). These are some of them:

1. In the throes of his 40s, Matt Damon is still a total slice

2. Untethered space walks scare the everloving sh*t out of me

3. I am finally able to silence my inner science snob

So, what exactly is it about Ridley Scott's space romp that makes it such a force for good?

(Oh, and, spoilers.)


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