8 Recent Movies Most Obviously Ruined By Bad Editing

Oh, I'm not going to reshoot you. I'm just going to cut you. Really, really bad.

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Based on Summer 2016, Hollywood’s in the middle of a post-production crisis.

The past few months have been dominated by a seemingly never-ending string of movies that had whatever was interesting about them quashed in the edit. I'm actually losing track of the amount of times it's painfully obvious a studio's got panicky over the stupid amounts of money they've invested and desperately tried to sanitise the movie their carefully picked auteur had handed in with brutal cuts made with the broadest (and most international) possible audience in mind.

The result is that this has been the year of patchy pacing. Thanks to so much fiddling, many movies have wound up not really having a coherent A-B-C story, to the point that when one comes along that can simply follow a three-act structure it feels like a masterpiece.

It's at the point where simply pointing out problems or speculating on behind-the-scenes scoops for an individual movie is trivialising the wider issue, so to show how widespread this sort of meddling is becoming, here are the eight biggest offenders from the past few months.

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