8 Talented Actors Who Just Made Five Awful Movies In A Row

Jennifer-Connelly-006-1920x1200 Even the best actors have been known to throw in the towel on occassion, for reasons that aren't always apparent to us. I don't mean that they quit acting or anything (God forbid), but they reach a point in which artistic integrity doesn't really seem all that important anymore, and they consider their profession as simply another way of topping up their bank accounts so that they can reap the rewards via expensive castles and fancy yachts. And that's fine, I guess, if you're happy to say yes to absolutely anything that comes your way. That isn't always the case, of course, because some actors grow old and lose their fanbases to young hotshots like Jennifer Lawrence and Joseph-Gordon Levitt, or they somehow manage to irk enough people in Hollywood to ensure that only those directors hanging around at the bottom of the barrel with lousy scripts attached to their hips will actually agree to work with them. Occasionally, it's just bad luck, plain and simple. Yes, there are lot of reasons why an actor can start making bad movie after bad movie, but it takes a special kind of talent to make five truly awful movies in a row. Here are 8 actors who, somehow, have just successfully managed to make five incredibly bad movies, one after the other (some of them even more than that). You thought that the odds alone would've worked in their favour after the third or fourth venture, and yet here we are... Please Note: Voice acting roles don't count. Too easy.
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