8 Upcoming Movies Everybody Will Watch With Hidden Agendas

There are about a zillion different reasons to go see a movie, all of which run the length of a…

T.J. Barnard



There are about a zillion different reasons to go see a movie, all of which run the length of a spectrum as diverse as “explosions are in it” to “I want to change my life, and watching Jerry McGuire is the way to do that.” Whatever the reason, everybody has something unique to gain from sitting down for a couple of hours and investing some time in a good ol’ screen yarn.

Saying that, when you find your roommate is asking you if want to go see The Bling Ring this weekend, you know something’s probably up. Here are 8 upcoming movies that we all want to see. This time, though, we’ve all got ulterior motives, ’cause we’re horrible, terrible people, and $10 is just about cheap enough to justify our hidden agendas…


8. Evil Dead

What Is It?

A remake of the Sam Raimi classic, Evil Dead (they’ve dropped the “The” ’cause it’s the future now) is yet another take on the apparently invincible “cabin in the woods” horror subgenre. Which is to say, it’s likely going to be another generic horror slice, albeit one with an already built-in fanbase.

Why You’ll Say You’ll See It…

“What know what? I’m really going to give this thing a chance. I mean, what’s with all the bloody negativity these days? Movie making is a tough business. Cut these guys a break, okay?”

Why You Really Want To See It…

Um, the ever-so-slight possibility that there’s going to be a freakin’ Bruce Campbell cameo. And though a few people associated with the production have denied that Bruce will be making an appearance (including the director), the jaw-based human lifeform that is Bruce Campbell has officially “refused” to discuss such things, which – in my book (of the dead), at least – means there’s probably some part of him awaiting fans in the frames of this remake.

Plus, there are rumours flying about that he is gonna be in there somewhere, so there.