8 Upcoming Sequels To Movies That Aren’t Even Out Yet

Because waiting for the box office receipts is for suckers.

Getting a sequel in Hollywood is a lot easier than the likes of John Carter would make it seem. Barely make your budget back, or at least have a vocal fan base who will moan until a follow up happens (in definitely unrelated news Pacific Rim 2 is on the way) and franchising a stand-alone property is easy. That's always been the rule - movie comes out, movie is popular, movie gets sequel - but this has the unfortunate side effect of meaning only one movie can be produced at any one time, meaning you only get to dominate the box office every three years or so. And if movies have taught us anything it's that studios will do whatever it takes to make as much money as possible. In an attempt to deal with that Hollywood has started to green-light sequels to movies that aren't even out yet. It smacks of desperation and while no doubt some will be good it gives us very little option over what to watch in the coming years. What's worse is that quick release sequels has gotten audiences used to entries coming out within a single year of each other, meaning now it's started this preemptiveness won't go away any time soon. Here are eight of those sequels that are planned even though we've not got the movie before them yet.

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