9 Classic Movie Scenes That Were Awful To Film

And you thought pretending to have your ear cut off was bad enough...


Movie making is, ultimately, a job. It’s laden with perks, of course, but there’s a whole lot of graft going on, and as with any job, sometimes you have a lousy day at the office. Long days, physical exertion, emotional stress - there are many elements at play that mean the cinematic experience is often a difficult one for those involved.

When things go wrong in the movie business, though, they go really wrong - and publicly wrong. The history of Hollywood is full of storied bust ups between directors and actors, writers and producers, costumers and caterers. The finished work can suffer as a result, or it can take something positive from the tension.

It’s not always easy to find sympathy for movie stars, coddled and wealthy as they are. You get to make a whole lot of money, and if you’re lucky, some great art - it’s not a bad life. But then you hear about those truly horrendous moments on set, those scenes that suck the life out of everyone involved, and you can’t help but think “I’m glad that isn’t me”.


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