9 Extremely Subtle Movie Cameos That Went Straight Over Your Head

Eye-spy never got so serious.


With token movie appearances cropping up left, right, and center in contemporary films, we surely only have the master of cameos himself, Alfred Hitchcock, to blame. Plopping himself into all his films as an Easter egg hunt for fans was not a trend that he made up, but boy, is it one that people clung to in years to come.

Back in the day, it might have been fun to spot your mother's brother's sister-in-law's dog have their ten seconds of fame if you could catch them on pause in the background at precisely the right point - but with such big names as Stan Lee and M. Night Shyamalan crafting their way into their movies at any given moment, there's much bigger stakes at play. Sorry Bongo, you're still a good boy, but extras are much more fun when we know who they are.

Famous directors come with famous friends, and there's secret appearances from all of the corners of the world making their way onto our screens to be found out and fangirled over if only we're looking hard enough. From pop stars, to footballers, to eccentric business moguls, films are jam packed with faces you'll soon recognize if you slap your glasses on and squint a bit at the screen. Promise.

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