9 Horror Movies That Forced You To Answer Impossible Questions

Decisions, decisions...


Movies allow us that special space to experience things we could never get the chance to in the real world. Far away galaxies populated by stupid sexy aliens, distant historical lands where warriors and royalty battle for dominance on the backs of dragons, and cities saved by superheroes with distractingly chiselled chins are just a few of the weird and wonderful planes of existence we can step into for just a moment when we slap a movie on.

And for those that like a little more spice in their movie meatball, there's horror movies too of course, thrusting you knee deep into nightmarish, gruesome hellscapes, replete with demonic entities and serial killers wielding severed limbs, because why the hell not?

Our morbid fascination with all things viscerally unsettling on screen might be a strange one, but it makes sense when we've got nothing to do with the consequences. Horror movies are the best outlet to offering up scenarios and questions that in reality we would never be able to experience and nor would we want to, rather endlessly debating the choices into eternity as there's no right answer to whether you'd lose your arm or your eye if a sadistic freak had you strapped to their surgical table.

Horror knows what its doing when it comes to squeamish mental gymnastics as well as its gory visuals, and it only gets worse from here...


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