9 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Johnny Depp

Who knew Disney almost fired him?!


John Christopher Depp II has had something of an up and down sort of career. He's played a lot of roles over the course of the last 33 years, winning plaudits as far back as in What's Eating Gilbert Grape and positioning himself as one of the most interesting character actors in Hollywood. For a long time, his star was as mystical as it was defiant of expectations.

Sadly, though, for every Captain Jack Sparrow diamond, there's a turd of a Mortdecai lurking to sully his reputation (as well as those real-world relationship revelations that seem to have turned a swathe of public sentiment against him more recently).

Often hailed as a genius, Depp is one of the most complete performers around and boasts more than acting credits, numerous appearances with world-class musical talents and several producing, directing and writing credits. His is quite the CV.

The question here is: what don't we know about Johnny Depp? Is this enigma of a man really as bonkers as he comes across on screen, or in interviews? Are we looking at a genius or a madman... or both?

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