Looper Bruce Willis Joseph Gordon Levitt

I’ve met a handful of people who either don’t like or have no interest in movies about time travel. I don’t understand these people. I understand that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion but how can you not like a movie about time travel? Me personally, I’m a big sucker for anything having to do with time travel.

There’s just something about messing with time that draws me in. The thought process that has to go into the story from the writer is interesting and I can only imagine how complex most of these movies were to write.

Someone recently asked me to suggest a few time travel movies for them to watch and after I had laid out a list for them I thought it would turn into a good idea for an article. I threw a few more onto that initial list and put together an article for you all to enjoy.

Let’s get this going with number nine…

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This article was first posted on August 27, 2013