Well, I think we can all agree that Adele’s Let The Sky Fall is a wonderful opening track for Skyfall- it’s a really return to the bond themes of old, and if the opening song is that good, it fares well for the actual film that entails (although this has not always been the case- Thunderball, The Spy Who Loved Me, A View To A Kill…).

But with the Bond machine back on track and Danny boy signed for 2 more films, we can expect Bond 24 sooner rather than later. So let’s look ahead and I’ll suggest 10 artists to potentially take on the next opening tune.

10. Michael Buble

Some people have gone off Buble’s work of late, but I thinking he’s still very charming with a marvellous voice. He’d been an interesting male voice, something we haven’t had since You Know My Name’, and there was quite a gap between that and ‘The Living Daylights’. We’ve only have 7-and-a-half songs sung by a man, so if Adele is a throwback to the Basseys of old, Buble can hopefully emanate Sir Tom, Macca or Matt Munro.

Whether or not he writes it is up for debate- compare his original stuff to his covers. Still, he’d be a reliable if slightly predictable choice- you only need to hear ‘Cry me a River’ and see the music video to ‘Feeling Good’ to know he was destined to belt out a bond tune at some point.

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This article was first posted on October 21, 2012