Age of Ultron: 8 Ways The Avengers' Quicksilver Beats X-Men's

How Age of Ultron's speedster manages to skid into first place.


After its release, only one thing was unanimously concluded by fans about The Avengers: Age of Ultron: that there’s a whole lot of, well, everything in the movie. Whether or not all the elements at play worked, however, is a different and divisive story. 

One much-talked about feature of the film is Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver, a hero most audiences already saw grace their cinema screens last year in X-Men: Days of Future Past, played by Evan Peters.

Because the mutant Pietro Maximoff was associated with the Avengers as well, a copyright loophole allowed both the Fox-owned X-Men franchise and the MCU to use the character, just not played by the same actor, which gave rise to this particular Quicksilver conundrum.

While neither franchise can fully realize the comic-book character without exclusive rights (over at Marvel, they’re not so much as allowed to say ‘the m-word’, much less include the existence of the twins’ father Magneto), some agree that Bryan Singer’s sufficiently awesome, time-stopping take on the speedster in 2014 narrowly beat Joss Whedon’s interpretation in this month’s Age of Ultron.

That being said, The Avengers’ portrayal better reflects the Maximoffs’ true origins as well as adding an intriguing character to the MCU with both fun and darkness in appropriate measure (bearing in mind his mere 20 minutes of screen time total). While both Quicksilvers have their high points, here’s why Taylor-Johnson’s genetically-experimented, Eastern European hothead might have the edge over Peters’ smart aleck teen mutant. 


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