All Of Christian Bale's Most Unbelievable Movie Transformations - Ranked

How will Christian Bale change his look after Vice?

Paramount Classics/Annapurna

Everyone who's seen the man's work knows Christian Bale is a talented actor, but his ability to play a character is only one part of what makes him amazing. Bale has been working in film since 1987 with his breakout role in Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun, but since then, he has gone on to play some incredible characters.

As he developed as an actor, Bale became more method than most people in his trade. Unlike some of his peers, he doesn't pretend to be his characters when the camera isn't running, but he does everything he can do to physically become them for the camera.

While most people working in the industry are more than happy to throw on a fat suit or dress in motion capture onesies to get the right look on camera, Bale insists on transforming his body physically for his roles.

Not content to simply pretend, Bale has gained and lost more than 100 lbs. (45 kg) over the years to play different characters. The tortures he puts his body through have made him a wonder in the industry with many looking on to see how he will change his body for whichever role comes next. Of the many roles Bale has had over the years, these represent the most drastic changes he has made to his appearance.


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