Almost Certainly Untrue HALO Movie Rumours Surface

A French press release for the novel Halo: Cryptum claims a Halo movie developed by Dreamworks and Steven Spielberg will be released in 2012. Wait, what?

Matt Mann


A French press release for the novel Halo: Cryptum claims that a Halo movie developed by Dreamworks and Steven Spielberg will be coming to a theater near you in 2012. Wait, what?

With no director in place, no script, no financing secured and no filming already underway (which would need to have happened if the $150 million+ blockbuster like this was to be on our screens next year)… it just ain’t happening.

A Halo movie has been rumored for a long time and production on a huge blockbuster adaptation five years ago from District 9 director Neil Blomkamp and producer Peter Jackson almost began before 20th Century Fox got cold feet and pulled out of co-financing, leaving Universal without a partner and unwilling to front the whole cost themselves. The rights have since reverted back to Microsoft and although in the past year we have heard rumors that Steven Spielberg wants to produce a Halo movie that might be based more on the books than on the games… there’s no way any deal is this far down the line.

There is no way that a movie production of this magnitude could be conducted without anyone knowing about it. The key is the 2012 supposed release date, if they had said 2013 or 2014 it would be more believable but 2012 is just too soon for a Halo movie we have heard nothing about to be released. What do you think, is this a reliable rumor or a misprint?