The Amazing Spider-Man 2: 13 Actors Who Should Play Venom In Spin-Off

Surely we can't have done worse than Sony's last choice - Topher Grace!

Eddie Brock With the recent news that Sony Pictures are to expand the Spider-Man movie universe with a Sinister Six movie and a Venom movie comes a degree of excitement and - particularly in the case of Venom - a degree of scepticism. Topher Grace infamously played the Spider-Man villain in the final instalment of Sam Raimi's trilogy and his portrayal was met with widespread scorn by critics and fans alike, so the idea of trying again brings with it a lot of mixed feelings. Depending on the version of Venom that Sony and Marvel opt to take influence from (the Ultimate and 616 versions of Eddie Brock are pictured above), the character of Eddie Brock could potentially be played by a huge range of actors (Grace's version was definitely closer to the Ultimate version), as he ranges from a weedy childhood friend of Peter Parker's to a neglected child who is great at sports, very well-built and a journalist. It also depends on factors like the movie's budget and whether or not they want a fully established actor in the role or if they're prepared to take a risk - and this list aims to cover all bases on those fronts. So, having done a bit of research, looked at the opinions of others, read up on some rumours and come up with some ideas of my own, I've compiled a potential list. Here are thirteen actors who should play Venom in the spin-off movie...

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