Andy Serkis: His 8 Best Performances

8. Lumpy (King Kong)

Universal Studios

Serkis' best-known performance in Peter Jackson's King Kong remake may be that of a more primatial nature (don't worry, we'll get there) but his human role is unexpectedly fun and gives Serkis a chance to show off his unique ability to ham it up and chew the scenery in the most wonderful of ways.

As Lumpy, the resident chef onboard the SS Venture, Serkis gets to strike a unique balance between goofy humor and ominous foreshadowing. In one scene, he may be stirring up porridge to brush it onto the face of a fellow crew-member or getting so fed up by the bugs on Skull Island that he's using a frying pan and a machine gun to try and kill them all. But in the next scene, he'll be delivering a foreboding monologue about a "cast away" he picked up once at sea who had seen Skull Island and told tales of the beasts who lived there.

It's a role that could have easily tipped too heavily in one direction or the other but Serkis expertly walks the tight-rope between the two, giving the film one of its most endearing and lovable human characters. When Lumpy meets his grisly fate at the hands of some giant insects/worms, he goes out like a true hero and its hard not to feel for him.

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