Which Animated Film Would You Like To See Given A Live-Action Adaptation?

Because it's probably going to happen anyway.

The biggest mistake people tend to make with regards to animated movies is to call it a "genre." This, of course, isn't true: it's just another means of telling a story. Lumping all animated movies into one genre does the format a disservice because it refuses to acknowledge that animated flicks, too, should be broken down into the same genres we would associated with live-action movies - Treasure Planet is sci-fi, Princess Mononoke is fantasy, Ice Age is comedy... you get the idea. Animation viewed as a "genre" of film is a common misconception we need to lose. With Disney's Maleficent - a live-action re-telling of Sleepy Beauty - on the cards, then, we've been thinking of other movies in the animated style that would benefit - or would be really cool - if they got their own live-action adaptations. One could argue that doing so would be ridiculous, and there's certainly an entire school of thought that would likely agree; what's the point? But some animated films were originally made as such because they would have - once upon a time - been impossible to render in live-action, due to a lack of technology available or what not. Our picks goes for Disney's Aladdin, which works brilliantly as an animated film, but could quite easily make for a stunning live-action adaptation, too, with great actors breathing life into the parts (especially Aladdin himself, who you'll admit is somewhat of a "cardboard" character). Imagine some of the set-pieces from this classic movie rendered in state of the age CGI - the lava chase sequence, for example, with Aladdin clinging for dear life to his magic carpet. And don't pretend a live-action "Prince Ali" wouldn't be the best thing ever; think of that parade! Which animated film would you like to see in live-action, then? Let us know in the comments section below.

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