Ant-Man: 10 Directors Who Could Replace Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright is gone and his replacement is rumoured to have been found. Could it be one of these ten candidates?

Ant Man Well, isn't this a downer. The announcement was made yesterday that Edgar Wright has exited the director's chair of upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film Ant-Man over creative differences with Marvel "in their vision of the film". Marvel stressed that Wright was not fired and the split was amicable, while also confirming that the July 17, 2015 release date would not be moving, and reports suggest that Marvel have already selected their replacement director, though have yet to actually announce who that will be. Naturally, speculation has already been running rampant about who could take over from Wright. A hack for hire simply won't suffice, considering much of the excitement around the film stemmed from Wright's distinctive visual style, and how well that would translate to a project as tricky to adapt to the screen as Ant-Man. Marvel may well be combing both those close to Wright and those who have already enjoyed success directing films in the MCU, or perhaps they will opt for someone a little more left-field. Considering the negative publicity Wright's departure will build around the project, we can't imagine they'll wait more than a few days before announcing the replacement, so place your bets now! Who do you think will replace Edgar Wright? Let us know in the comments!

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