Aquaman Mid-Credits Scene Explained

Surprise reveal drops hints about possible Aquaman 2 film.

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Little over a year from his full debut in Justice League, Aquaman has arrived on our screens for his first solo outing on the big screen.

This being a superhero movie / comic-book adaptation / latest instalment in an allegedly long-running franchise about multiple beloved character's inhabiting a shared universe, one's eyes are always skimming for little teases and clues about what's coming next.

Thankfully though you don't have to be in full Big Nerd Mode™ to pick up on post and mid-credit scenes. Being as they are, 100% designed to force feed you information about upcoming movies. Aquaman, in a departure form the norm, only has one, but it's a doozy.

So, a quick recap for those who’ve accidentally stumbled into this article, the film sees Aquaman forced to leave behind his comfortable life on the surface, where he acts as a quasi-hero / massive p*sshead and instead head back to his ancestral home of Atlantis to stop a war between the sea and the land. The main antagonist in this is his half-brother and current King of Atlantis, Orm, who is uniting the underwater kingdoms and is, to literally quite from the movie, "a dick". But he’s not the only adversary here.

At the beginning of the movie we’re introduced to David Kane a pirate who is working for Orm to procure a submarine. Aquaman sort of foils this plan but, in doing so, leaves Kane’s father to die. Telling him to “ask the sea for mercy”. This sets us up with the revenge sub-plot and eventually sees Kane inherent a number of dangerous pieces of Atlantian technology and a mission to kill Aquaman. He also starts calling himself Black Manta and looks loads like a cross between the robot fella from Power Rangers and a Venomoth. But I digress...

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