Aquaman Trailer Reactions: 6 Ups & 3 Downs

2. The Screaming And Swimming Are Still Goofy

Aquaman Arthur
Warner Bros.

Like it or not, but some of the creative character decisions around Aquaman that we've already seen in the DCEU. And no matter how much it's shown, the sight of Aquaman "swimming" by propelling himself forward as if flying through the water will never not look incredibly goofy.

That's not to say that everyone kicking their legs furiously wouldn't look messy, but there has to have been a slightly more subtle answer than invisible turbo rocket legs.

And on top of that, the shrieking dude-bro moments from Justice League sadly haven't been wiped out of existence either, as the trailer ends with Arthur leaping out of a plane and hollering like a gnarly banshee. Sure, it's fine he's enjoying himself, but too much and it's really going to be insufferable. Again.

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