Avengers 4 Trailer Coming Friday, Spider-Man: Far From Home Coming Saturday?

New rumours suggest two more Marvel trailers into the weekend.

Avengers 4
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When the conversation about trailer leaks is being led the way it is by Twitter accounts claiming to be In The Know, but not - by definition - in a position to reveal their sources, it's inevitable that disinformation happens. So far this year, we've been led to believe that the Avengers 4 title is DEFINITELY several things and the trailer has DEFINITELY been coming on several different dates.

It looked as though we were going to get Avengers 4's first trailer (and title announcement) today, but George Bush Sr's funeral and the national day of mourning in the US has apparently put that back (Peter Sciretta at SlashFilm has confirmed there was a plan to do SOMETHING today before this). Now, it's being claimed that the trailer will, in fact, drop on Friday.

The source? The same source most seem to be turning to these days - DanielRPK on Twitter, who has made a name for himself as an ace scooper. In the interest of clarity, since nobody can be certain who anyone necessarily guarded on social media is these days, it's necessary for a little introduction - you can choose to put your faith in his legitimacy yourself, though it has to be said he has been right.

His bio says he writes for SuperBroMovies (ostensibly a fan site that popped up last year on the back of heavy Twitter hyping for comic book movies), though he only has a single published article on there. His credentials must come from somewhere else, given how lauded he is - particularly by other ITK Twitter accounts like DisInsider and Jeremy Conrad (otherwise known as Manabyte), who he seems to have a bit of a network with. They trade praise for scoops and bemoan bigger sites getting credit for their work, which must be frustrating when it's legitimate.

In an industry where the big scoops traditionally always went to the big outlets and media partners of studios (the likes of EW being among Marvel's biggest), this new band of seemingly informed commentators is an increasing trend. Mostly because people pay attention. It's an intriguing thing to see how this all plays out, given the romantic notion of big outlets versus "smaller" guys.

Anyway, Daniel RPK tweeted the latest "confirmation" about the trailer this morning:

It makes sense.

On top of that, the same source - and Manabyte as well - is saying that we can expect to see Spider-Man: Far From Home's new trailer dropping on Saturday too.

That would be slightly strange, given that a trailer on a Saturday is less conventional, but if the funeral has set everything back slightly, then you can see it making sense too.

Let's all just be happy to know that trailers are coming. Sometime. Soon, probably. And then we can get back to watching the war of information between people claiming they scooped a scoop before the other scooper scooped their scoop. More power to them all.

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