Avengers 4 Trailer & Title Revealed At Last

The Avengers 4 trailer is finally here, and we're all in the endgame now.

Avengers Endgame trailer
Marvel Studios

The Avengers 4 trailer has finally arrived. Fans have been speculating, well, ever since the end of Infinity War as to when we'd get a first look at the movie, and just what it'd be called, and that's reached a fever pitch in the last couple of weeks.

The Russo Bros have had a lot of fun teasing fans, there have been countless theories, but now we know: Avengers 4 is called Avengers: Endgame, and we have our first look at it below.

As expected, the trailer doesn't show us any of the heroes who were snapped out of existence by Thanos at the end of Infinity War. Instead, the focus is on the original Avengers who need to put things right, with a few very intriguing teases as to how they're going to accomplish that here. It's intense, a little thrilling, funny, and it captures the scale of the task at hand. .

As for the title, it turns out one of the most popular initial guesses was right all along: it is indeed called Avengers: Endgame.

Avengers: Endgame was scheduled to be released on May 3, 2019 in the U.S, although it appears that date has been moved up in line with the UK release date of April 27, as happened with Infinity War. The trailer simply promises 'April'.

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