Avengers: Age Of Ultron: 10 Best Moments

Can anything top the Loki Smash?

About a decade ago, Marvel started actively engaging in the idea of creating its own movie studio. Having long since sold the rights to some of their best-known characters, they would use the remaining gems in their back catalogue to embark on individual outings and simultaneously create a shared world, a comic book brought to life. The premise was ambitious, bordering on absurd. And it changed the course of movie history. Eleven films later, Marvel Studios has already generated over seven billion dollars in ticket receipts. Avengers: Age Of Ultron and the forthcoming Ant-Man will easily bump that figure over nine billion and probably closer to ten. Rival studios are now scrambling for a piece of the pie, with a DC cinematic universe in the works at Warner Bros., Sony/Columbia scrambling to wring every dollar out of Ghostbusters after dropping the ball with Spider-Man, and even Universal seeking to create a monsterverse featuring the likes of Dracula and Frankenstein. However successful their efforts may prove to be, one suspects it will be a long time before anyone even remotely threatens to steal Marvel€™s crown. Age Of Ultron is a dizzying adventure that raises the bar yet again in terms of ambition and sheer spectacle, and packs in enough incident for several movies. In fact, there€™s so much going on in this movie that picking and choosing its high points is a tough task in itself. Read on to relive ten of the best.


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