Avengers: Endgame - 10 Things Marvel Don't Want You To Know

9. Professor Hulk

Avengers 4 Hulk Art
Marvel Studios

The Spoiler

As the culmination of Hulk's three movie arc, which Mark Ruffalo told us all about ahead of Thor: Ragnarok's release and a resolution to the conflict between Bruce Banner and the Hulk, we're going to see the emergence of the so-called Professor Hulk character.

Gone will be his savagery and he'll be more like a blend of Banner and his animal alter-ego who wears clothes, is able to talk and think and who is more human while still remaining exceptionally powerful.

How Do We Know?

It comes down to his uniform in Endgame, which was revealed by concept art and then confirmed by toys.

The key point here is that Banner's transformation into the savage Hulk results in him tearing off his clothes, but in the artwork already revealed, Hulk is clothed. Almost as if he's calmer and more human. This is a major tease that Hulk and Banner will merge to create a new identity, which is clearly how Hulk gets over his "performance issues."

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