Avengers: Endgame - DON'T Watch The Leaked Footage

Ending footage isn't worth spoiling Marvel's magic.

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Almost because of Marvel Studio's commitment to covering their tracks with Avengers: Endgame and making sure nobody knows all that much about it beyond some mostly acceptable leaks (thanks to toy lines and such), the currency of spoilers around the sequel is even higher than usual.

Ace scoopers and leakers don't like to be foiled. They pride themselves on defying security and the sanctity of a film set because it gives them power. Power over the studio and power over the fans, because in this world of social media obsession, "access" is now a commodity. When studios refuse to give outlets access because of things they've said about previous movies and when hand-picked "influencers" are invited to early screenings in order to manipulate early reactions, this is what happens. You effectively weaponise access as well as commodifying it.

Anyway, none of that makes the fact that some absolute asshat has released footage from the end of Avengers: Endgame to the Internet acceptable. Clearly shot on a cellphone, the footage shows what is essentially a sizzle reel of important scenes from what is clearly the end of the movie.

You won't get a description here. Nor will you see the source of the leak tagged in any way. This is not to be encouraged.

What matters is that you don't watch it. Don't even pay attention to the people posting stills from it under the guise of being "super fans" looking to whip up hype (in reality they're doing it for likes so they can become influencers and their baseless rumours all of a sudden become the Word Of God). This is not how you watch films.

Take it from someone who doesn't care about spoilers - who actively has to wade through them to do his job - watching that footage does absolutely nothing for the experience of the film. All it does is robs you of a little piece of magic that Marvel and the Russos have crafted over years by showing you some piece of sh*t shaky footage filmed on a potato.

Let's all hope that person gets fired. Into the sun, preferably.

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