Avengers: Infinity War - 15 New Details Marvel Just Revealed

Avengers news: Assemble.

Infinity Gauntlet
Marvel Studios

Summer convention season can feel like a double-edged sword: on the one hand, we get ammo drops of key information about the biggest fan-pleasing upcoming movies thanks to Disney's D23 and the behemoth San Diego Comic Con, but on the other, nobody gets to see it unless you're there. It's like being offered the chance to sniff a delicious cake before it's eaten by someone else.

But thanks to the power of journalism, it's very possible to still pick up major details from that super secret footage, not least because every outlet in attendance rushes to put out a description, liberally seasoned with hyperbole. And by the sound of it, the Avengers: Infinity War footage that debuted under a veil at D23 was the real deal.

Even though it was brief, there seems to have been a lot in there, including major revelations about Thanos' own private army, what happens to key characters (and their new looks) and some pretty major plot hints that suggest this is film event absolutely will live up to the hype.

So what did we learn from Marvel at D23 about Infinity War? Hold on to your butts.

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