Avengers: Infinity War - Could Spider-Man Ally Silk Appear?

New rumour suggests Cindy Moon is back.

Silk Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Though it is already enormous, it looks like the Avengers: Infinity War cast just got at least one name bigger, and the particular name has added more fuel to the rumours that Silk is going to appear in the MCU.

The character has become one of the more popular additions to the Spider-Man universe in recent years, and if Sony and Marvel have built in a caveat to the shared rights deal that other fringe characters have to be set up for spin-off (as Miles Morales seemingly has been), she'd be a great candidate.

The rumour comes courtesy of IMDB, who posted a video on Twitter confirming that actress Tiffany Espensen - who played Peter Parker's academic decathlon team-mate Cindy Moon in Homecoming - has added a new credit to her IMDB profile - for Avengers: Infinity War.

This could mean a couple of things: either that Cindy Moon and the decathlon team reappear (which might fit with the description of Parker on a school-trip in the Infinity War footage already shown) innocently, or that she is being primed to turn into Silk.

The only issue at this stage for that second possibility is that Moon hasn't been shown to have any powers at all (though they could suggest late manifestation or that she's kept it all secret).

Adding further intrigue to the Silk rumour, Robbie Thompson — who wrote Marvel Comics’ Silk series — actually shared the post on his Twitter. Let's hope she'll get to wear her costume in the future of the MCU, regardless of what happens in Infinity War.

Would you like to see her involved? Share your thoughts below in the comments thread.

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