Avengers: Infinity War - Every Reveal From The TV Spots


Thanos Snap 2

The marketing for Avengers: Infinity War has been great so far. With November's first teaser, the Super Bowl spot, and then last month's full trailer, we've had a great look at the biggest superhero movie ever made, sans hard spoilers.

Sure, a few details about the overarching plot have been revealed (Thanos tries to collect all the Stones, Avengers try to stop him etc), along with the various sub-groups that will form, but generally the marketing has been all about building hype and establishing the stakes and tone, without giving too much away. The Russo bros themselves then even put out a post asking for people not to spoil the movie, showing just how seriously they were taking the veil of secrecy.

And then came the TV spots. There's been an endless slew over the past couple of weeks, each bringing new footage, lines of dialogue, and some big reveals. A few of these are things we hadn't seen before that simply help build the hype, others expand on previously witnessed scenes, and some detail pretty major elements of the movie, that the trailers had seemingly worked hard to protect against. (This post will be updated as more TV spots are released.)


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