Avengers: Infinity War - Is Iron Man Getting An Asgardian Upgrade?

Is RDJ trolling fans?


It goes without saying that some actors like to use their social media to troll fans by having some fun - Josh Gad just had to stop everyone saying he's Penguin and Henry Cavill keeps hinting about Green Lantern rather naughtily. So the fact that Robert Downey Jr seems to be teasing a new, bold Iron Man design change for an upcoming movie perhaps shouldn't be taken as much more than hi-jinx on his part.

Still, it would be a hell of a thing if it turned out that Avengers: Infinity War sees Stark wearing a special Asgardian influenced suit (perhaps to replace a damaged Earthly one?). That's what RDJ seems to be hinting at with a mysterious Facebook post that has set tongues wagging across the net.

The actor shared the image of the Asgardian Uru armor - made of the same material as Mjolnir - inspiring rumours that it will appear in Infinity War...

We already know that Infinity War will see the Avengers off-world for at least part of its plot, so having Stark visit Asgard isn't completely out of the realms of reality. And why wouldn't be adapt to the forthcoming war with Thanos - a legitimate god among mortals - by using the planet's most powerful mineral to boost his defensive capabilities?

Even more wildly, what about the chance of him using the Thorbuster suit - made of Uru in the comics - to potentially deal with the God Of Thunder? Or just to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him in the fight with Thanos (so effectively a Thanos-busting suit). That'd be pretty amazing.

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