Avengers: Infinity War - Mysteries Answered


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Surprise surprise, it looks as though Avengers 4 - the once dubbed Infinity War Part II - is actually heavily connected to Infinity War.

The third Avengers film, which is out traumatising fans everywhere for a presumably record-breaking stint in theatres, has left more mysteries to solve than it has answered, and while the follow-up that'll provide those definite conclusions is still a year out, Infinity War's unresolved mysteries can still be explained in the here and now.

The film's most pressing mysteries (who lives, who dies, who ends up telling their story) have left fans everywhere with more headaches than they would probably care for. But this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe after all, a franchise built upon teases, easter eggs and the high-concept storytelling of Marvel Comics.

Whether or not that makes the film less impactful is up to each person who sees it, but that doesn't make Infinity War's cliffhangers, devastating moments or its many surprises any less intriguing. The status-quo has been snapped out of existence, and while we can't do anything to make the wait for next year any less excruciating, we can do our bit to assuage fears, and explain some of those pressing concerns every fan is likely to have.

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