Avengers: Infinity War - Power Ranking Every Character

Who has the power to win the War?

Infinity War Characters

It's almost time for Thanos to pull on his mighty golden glove and start pulling down the fabric of the MCU in next year's Infinity War. It's a cinematic event like no other before it, combining a huge storyline with gigantic, unprecendented stakes (at least in the franchise) and with a cast of main characters so long it must make catering an absolute bloody nightmare.

We'll see an army of superheroes thrust together by the Mad Titan's quest for the Infinity Stones, and an even bigger cast of supporting characters around them counting the cost and scurrying for safety. We'll see more new villains added, the possibility of even more heroes debuting and a fireworks display of superpowers like nothing ever captured on film before.

But who will emerge victorious? Who among the cast of more than 40 characters has it in them to potentially defeat Thanos and his Black Order (if anyone) and what exactly makes them special enough to take the task on? The only way to find that out is to look through each of them and determine their place in the power hierarchy of the MCU heading into Infinity War.

The one unknown quantity at this point in time is Peter Dinklage's apparent character. But it's nice to have SOME mysteries to look forward to, and almost every other character has offered some indication of where they fit on the spectrum.

So who are the biggest power players in Avengers: Infinity War?

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