With the summer coming to a close, Christopher Nolan has ended his epic Dark Knight Trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises. A big money maker for Warner Bros. and DC Comics, TDKR ushered in a new era for superhero films. With the series ending, the two powerhouse companies are looking to continue success towards the future after Nolan’s run.

DC recently announced that they are going to create a Justice League film, attempting to mirror or even beat the success of Marvel’s The Avengers. Additionally, a shared film universe could be created before the Justice League movie opens, paralleling Marvel’s cinematic universe, with each DC superhero possibly having their own solo movie leading up to the Justice League film.

Man of Steel could be first on the list, coming to theaters next summer. It’s been revealed that a Batman solo reboot will follow either before or after the JL film. There’s even been news that Batman could first appear in the JL movie before he gets a solo film. Either way, a solo film is coming.

Seeing as how popular Batman has been for the last seven years with TDK Trilogy, this reboot needs to continue that success to keep the momentum going. However, many argue that Nolan’s Batman didn’t retain some of the key qualities that the Dark Knight had from the comics. This reboot needs to veer away from those mistakes and create a Batman that comic lovers know and love; one that embodies the comic book version almost entirely.

Here are eleven things that the Batman reboot must possess.

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This article was first posted on September 2, 2012