Batman: Ranking Every Movie Batsuit From Worst To Best

Bat-Nipples! Bat-Nostrils! Bat-Cod-Pieces! The gangs all here.

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Some might say it's not the costume that makes the man, but the worth of his actions within in. Batman pretty much said it in one of Christopher Nolan's movies - or words to that effect - before quickly changing his mind and deciding that the symbolism of the Bat was actually paramount to the policing of Gotham.

All hypocrisy aside, he did have a point. Batman looks like Batman in order to terrify criminals: he adopted the image of the Bat because it represented fear for him, and there is an aesthetic psychology that actually suits the making of the suit.

Unfortunately, some film-makers charged with bringing Batman to the screen have ignored that completely and turned Batman into a riot policeman with a funny helmet. The question here is where the latest suits sit in the pantheon of on-screen Batsuits presents itself rather pertinently. So which truly is best?

Quick qualification first: only live action Batman movies count. That still means a massive number of suits however, because Batman has had more costume changes than your typical Oscars host.

Honourable Mention

This Guy - Suicide Squad

Batman Goon
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Come on now, that's barely even a real attempt. Still, it's a nice little jab at Batman by the Joker. Nice bling too.

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