Batman: The Killing Joke Review - 5 Ups And 6 Downs

5. The Wildly Inconsistent Animation
Batman The Killing Joke Cars

From the release of the film's first trailer, fans were justifiably worried that the animation looked a little on the weak side, as though it had been cranked out cheaply to compensate for the R-rating Warner Bros. granted it.

As it turns out, a lot of the movie actually does look pretty good...and a lot of it doesn't. The above image is from an opening chase sequence, and features some embarrassingly low-res police cars that look like they were modeled on 3D Studio Max about 15 years ago in an intern's bedroom.

Though a lot of the action and scene-setting is much better than the marketing would have you think, it's clear that this isn't Warner's best work overall, and feels especially rough compared to some of Batman's finer recent animations like Under the Red Hood and The Dark Knight Returns.


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