Batman V Superman: 10 New Hints It's Going To Suck (But Why There’s Still Hope)

Did they give too much away already?

The newest Batman V Superman trailer has taken a lot of heat in the days since its release. It€™s been talked about endlessly, dissected frame by frame and, while there were certainly some exciting moments, there seemed to be an equal amount of concerning inclusions as well. The negativity towards the trailer likely stems from its predecessor, Man Of Steel, which boasted an incredibly strong debut trailer only to fail to live up to many of its promises in the final film. Unlike Marvel, whose trailers are always met with a fervent excitement thanks to their proven track record, there€™s no other point of reference for what to expect from this film. It€™s somewhat unfair, but DC has yet to fully earn its audience€™s trust, and that has caused a lot of the trepidation. Regardless, it€™s far too early to condemn the entire film just as it's far too early to praise it. Only a small snippet of the finished product has been shown and some of the most pertinent concerns at the moment could be non-entities in the big picture. There€™s an art to revealing things, making the audience want more without giving away too much, and this trailer may have done just that. Now, there already seems to be a few valid reasons to be worried, but that doesn€™t mean those same worries couldn€™t turn into the film€™s greatest strengths.


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