Michael Bay strikes me as the kind of guy who would rather prove a point and get revenge on someone – than a guy who cares about the integrity of his work and leaving a lasting legacy behind him.

The now seemingly confirmed casting of Victoria Secret underwear model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to replace Megan Fox, who he basically fired for being a bigmouth (she compared him to Hitler last year) on Transformers 3, is a devilish move.

Bay could have found a low-paid beauty with actual acting experience as Shia LaBeouf’s new love interest, no problem. He could have even stumped up a bit of cash to hire a second tier film star and unbelievable beauty like Amber Heard or Mila Kunis who have proven they can act in big movies, but Bay was never going to do that even though the budget was there.

In the end, it all boils down to this. Bay doesn’t want Megan Fox to think she is bigger than the franchise, and by hiring a stunning woman who has no acting experience what-so-ever and is basically just a sculpture of perfection – it’s kind of a ‘good luck with the rest of your career because this was how much your stock was worth’ message to Fox because beauty is all that you had going for you. I could have replaced you at anytime with any model, and my movie wouldn’t suffer. You weren’t hired for your acting, etc.

Production began May 17th on the third Transformers movie, and Rosie’s first scenes will be shot in a fortnight with Shia LaBeouf in L.A. The movie itself opens next July.

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This article was first posted on May 26, 2010