Beauty And The Beast: 7 Reasons It Will Make Disney A Billion

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Beauty And The Beast 2017

It almost feels like any Disney movie that doesn't land a box office haul between $700m and a billion dollars is a failure (or at least a disappointment. Thanks to their monopoly on mega-selling brands, and the ridiculously great financial performance of The Force Awakens, Zootopia and The Jungle Book, the bar is set incredibly high.

Luckily, the studio has several massively lucrative irons in the fire: Star Wars has two movies in the next two years, Pixar has three, and both the next Pirates Of The Caribbean and Moana should pull in big hauls. But it's a live action remake that could prove to be the most impressive performer in the next two years.

Even with only a single, brief teaser released to date, the hype for Bill Condon's adaptation of Beauty And The Beast is white hot (particularly amongst Disney fans), and there's a very good chance that it could become the latest billion dollar achievement for the Mouse House. And there are some very specific reasons for that.

7. The Record Breaking Trailer

Disney Beauty And The Beast

If there's any early indication that the new adaptation already has an established audience, it's the fact that the teaser trailer broke the record for most viewed in a single day, beating The Force Awakens. That's an astonishing achievement, given the incredible fandom weight behind Star Wars.

Even more impressively, the teaser was no more than a short mood board with flashes of scenery, swelling music and half of the lead actress' face. It gave off no plot hints, no character designs and nothing particularly concrete, and yet it picked up 91 million views in a single day.

That's a million views for every single second and that sort of response guarantees it's going to be seen by a massive number of people. It may be too simplistic to say the trailer outperforming Star Wars means comparable box office performance, but it would also be wrong to dismiss it too.

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