It’s been an odd journey for Ben Affleck. A successful acting career spanning nearly ten years was derailed by some pretty terrible decisions, with ‘Gigli’ (2003) and ‘Surviving Christmas’ (2004) among the worst. It seemed like Affleck’s career had come to a disappointing end.

It was 2007′s outstanding ‘Gone Baby Gone’ which marked the return of Affleck as one-to-watch in Hollywood. Only this time Affleck was behind the camera, providing solid direction to his Boston crime-drama. ‘Gone Baby Gone’ was received extremely positively by audiences and critics alike, with much of the attention being drawn by this debut filmmaker.

2010 saw him return to directorial duties with his follow up ‘The Town’. Also putting in a great turn in front of the camera, ‘The Town’ proved Affleck was no one-trick pony in the director’s chair, delivering one of the best films of 2010. Thus, Ben Affleck managed to turn a waning acting career into an exciting directorial career.

Based on the incredible Wired article ‘How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans from Tehran’, Affleck’s third directorial effort ‘Argo’ is his most ambitious to date, and certainly in my mind ranks up there with ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Prometheus’ on the 2012 most anticipated list.

The film once again features Affleck himself in the lead, as an ambitious CIA ‘exfiltration’ specialist who hatches a risky plan to rescue six U.S. foreign service members from Tehran, Iraq during the 1979 Hostage Crisis, by attempting to convince Iranian officials that the six hostages were actually part of a film crew scouting the area for locations. If this first trailer from the upcoming film is anything to go by, it looks like we have another solid piece of work from Affleck.

With a stellar supporting cast – Bryan Cranston, Clea DuVall, John Goodman, Michael Parks, Taylor Schilling, Kyle Chandler – and featuring a score by Alexandre Desplat, this is shaping up to be one to watch this year.

Check out the trailer for the movie below:

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This article was first posted on May 9, 2012