Bill Murray; "GHOSTBUSTERS... wounds are healed"

Bill Murray, for possibly the first time ever, has stated that he would be interested in the newly announced GHOSTBUSTERS III movie that Columbia have recently put into development, commenting that "the wounds from GHOSTBUSTERS 2 are healed". In the past, Murray has only ever shown a vague interest in returning to the franchise on film and at one point he would only appear in the movie if he could be a Ghost at the end! Which admittedly, is an extremely funny idea. Murray spoke at Fantastic Fest where they were screening his upcoming fantasy film CITY OF EMBER, where he said he knew that THE OFFICE writers were taking a stab at a third film under the guidance of Judd Apatow and that his recent stint during the Summer voicing his character of Peter Venkman for the video game adaptation has given him some GHOSTBUSTERS nostalgia. He has been signing the famous theme song whilst working down the street, apparentaly. You can see the video from his appearance here, where the GHOSTBUSTERS talk comes at the end. Very interesting...

Great news, right? As far as I'm concerned, no GHOSTBUSTERS III reunion type movie should happen without Murray. Great to see him talking enthusiastically about it, like Murray says, it's a start! source - aicn
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