A common concern amongst the acting fraternity is that they might be typecast. To a B-list abundant with character actors, this can be a blessing- it’s a source of steady work they might not otherwise get. However, the further you get up the acting pyramid, the more generally disliked the idea of typecasting is. Yet it still occurs; Adam Sandler plays ‘lovable’ idiots, Judi Dench is often stuck portraying upper-class types, and Brad Pitt plays glamorous, albeit empty parts.

Or does he?

Brad Pitt is a beautiful man. This much is plain. Oftentimes, directors will want to make good use of the fact he’s really-really-really good looking. The Ocean’s series was seemingly built around the premise that Pitt and company all lived impossibly glamorous lives. Troy descended into a shirtless, homoerotic farce. In Interview With The Vampire, he appeared to be little more than a clothes horse.

But underneath those Zoolander-esque qualities, everyone seems to forget just how good an actor Brad Pitt can be- he’s been nominated for four Academy Awards and five Golden Globes and yet has only won one, a supporting actor nod for his role in Twelve Monkeys.

I think that’s surprising; he’s been doing sterling work for years now. Though when asked about Brad Pitt, most people will envisage his looks first and his acting second. That’s a bit of an injustice. But as they say, there’s no smoke without fire. He really has made a couple of turkeys along the way, and they don’t help his case at all.

So, without further ado and to celebrate the recent release of Killing Them Softly, here is a list of Brad Pitt’s best and worst performances.

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This article was first posted on September 26, 2012