Breaking Bond down by the numbers. Do you really know the Super Spy?

If you didn't know his name he'll be sure to let you know..

When you think of undercover agents or spies it is hard to do so without the one and only Bond, James Bond coming to mind. For over 50 years now the Martine drinking one-liner spouting 00 has foiled the plots of countless villains around the globe, whilst of course doing so in a fast car and usually accompanied by a beautiful yet deadly companion. That was the case on most of his missions, but with Sheriff J.W. Pepper being the exception to the rule in The Man With The Golden Gun. Now the super spy is confirmed to return for a 25th outing with Daniel Craig reprising his Licence To Kill for potentially the last time.

James Bond 25
Eon Productions

In preparation for this landmark 25th installment of the Bond sage, Betway has painstakingly gone back through each Bond film to collect the states breaking each installment down by number. From what each film made at the Box Office, the bad guys killed and gadgets used, to how many times the famous introduction "Bond, James Bond" is uttered. Of course, if that wasn't enough they've even adjusted the gross for inflation today and where each one of its themes topped out in the UK Charts.

Then if each film broken down by the numbers wasn't enough there is also a handy 'Best of Bond' tab that will collect all the data to show some impressive states alongside what is Bond's most preferred gun of choice and what he can be found driving on most missions. If anything is to be learned here it is to look out for his wristwatch. Bond might've had a few different models over the years, but most are guaranteed to have a bite to them.

We love teamwork! Who doesn't? This article is a collaborative effort between Laura Holmes and Ben-Roy Turner.
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