Bright Review: 3 Ups & 6 Downs

Netflix's first blockbuster is a sure disappointment.

Bright Will Smith Joel Edgerton

It's been in the works for a damn long time, but Netflix's first card-carrying blockbuster movie, Bright, is finally now available to stream,'s not very good.

It sucks to say it, as with a cast this great and a premise this peculiar, Bright could've earmarked Netflix as the home for left-field, big-budget movies that traditional studios won't gamble on.

That may still be the case depending on how many people watch the film, but it's a shame that Netflix's first high-priced, star-studded movie is being mostly skewered by critics.

Is it the worst film of 2017 as some critics have hyperbolically dubbed it? Absolutely not, but it squanders a good deal of its potential and ultimately ends up a watchable, mediocre effort most people will stream while eating their dinner and quickly forget about soon after.

Though the movie's success or failure will ultimately just be a drop in the ocean for Netflix, one hopes that low-rent offerings like this don't discourage other A-list stars from taking the leap...

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