Bumblebee: 8 Reasons Why It Will Be The Best Transformers Film Ever

The new Transformers spin-off looks way better than it has any right to be.

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By now, the Transformers films have a practically toxic reputation.

After over a decade of Michael Bay pumping out sequel after sequel with each one somehow getting worse than the last, general audiences finally soured on the property last summer when the fifth film, The Last Knight, practically bombed at the domestic box office.

Between all of this, it would make lots of sense to think the upcoming Bumblebee film is nothing more than another cynical cash-grab. But in actuality, it's the complete opposite. Bumblebee isn't poised to just become easily the best live-action Transformers film ever, but also just a genuinely great movie.

Bumblebee looks absolutely fantastic and as if it may finally deliver the live-action film that Transformers fans around the world have been waiting for for decades. These are all of the reasons why you should be incredibly excited for Bumblebee's release...

8. No Bay


After over a decade, it seems as though our prayers have finally been answered.

Bumblebee is the first-ever live-action Transformers film to not be directed by Michael Bay. Bay's history with the franchise is tepid at best, with him swearing that he'll never make another one after practically every sequel since 2009. But finally, this spin-off is giving the franchise a fresh set of eyes in the form of Travis Knight.

Knight has been the lead animator at Laika studios for years now, working on such beloved films as ParaNorman and The Boxtrolls, and made his directorial debut with the highly-acclaimed Kubo and the Two Strings. Though Bumblebee is his first live-action film, Knight is an exceedingly talented and experienced filmmaker who specializes in creating spectacle with heart, making him a pretty perfect fit for this franchise.

The entire franchise up to this point has suffered tremendously from Bay's increasingly lazy leadership (hell, The Last Knight saw him not even giving a damn that his cameras were all filming in different aspect ratios) and it is a welcome change to finally have anyone else on the property. The fact that the someone they got just-so-happens to be a tremendous talent in his own right just makes it all the more exciting.

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