Can You Name The Film These Wrestlers Starred In By Just One Image?

Wait, which Marine movie was it...?

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As soon as professional wrestling even began to push its way into the public conscience decades ago, the stars of the day have found themselves often transcending the wrestling business and trying their hand at making a splash in Hollywood.

Of course, being a huge name in the wrestling industry is far from a guarantee of becoming a hot-shot, big-name actor, and some of the greatest names in wrestling have often stumbled when trying to make it in the movie industry - usually returning to the squared circle with their tales between their legs. On the other hand, though, right now we find Dwayne Johnson as the hottest name in the acting world and somebody who has become synonymous with box office hit after box office hit.

What we've got lined up for you here, then, are images taken from a bunch of movies that feature at least one wrestler. Each image will feature the wrestler(s) in question, and we're asking you to correctly identify just which movie we're showcasing in each question. And fear not, there's not a Mr. Nanny in sight!

1. Which Movie Is This?


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