Captain Marvel: 20 Easter Eggs And References Explained

Just how many outfits does one hero have?!


After years of waiting, Captain Marvel finally crashed into theatres last week. It is the second MCU prequel and potentially one of Marvel's most important films to date, spotlighting Brie Larson's Carol Danvers as she rediscovers her past, and the roots of a centuries-old conflict between two alien civilisations.

It is a major milestone in superhero cinema and, despite its relatively few shortcomings, is a truly commendable superhero origin story. It brings to life so many aspects of the Marvel Universe while imbuing them with a modern makeover, which grants the film a whole other (and potentially unexpected) kind of salience.

But, as with pretty much every Marvel movie these days, it also has a whole bunch of Easter Eggs, references and wider allusions to the Marvel canon. Whether it's seeding events that occur later in the MCU or putting a new spin from something from the comics, Captain Marvel is packed to the ceiling with brilliant little nods and winks that are sure to get Marvel fans very excited.

What's more, though, is that there are also several Easter Eggs based around nineties culture in general. The film takes place in 1995 after all, so for audiences who aren't necessarily diehard Marvel fans, there's still plenty there for them to sink their teeth into.


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