Captain Marvel: 9 MCU Loose Ends It Answers

8. How Coulson Rose In The SHIELD Ranks

Marvel Studios

Meanwhile, on the good side of the war, another pivotal MCU character was proving his worth in the field. It was great seeing Phil Coulson grace the big screen for the first time since The Avengers. The character was an essential segment of Phase One, and made an appearance in nearly every film leading up to the first Avengers team-up.

And in Captain Marvel, he proved exactly why he was such a worthy long-term player, by showing just a small bit of initiative beyond the standard protocol. On gaining the distinct sense that his manhunt for Fury and 'Vers' was an inside job, he made the swift decision to look the other way on his boss's escape, and aid them from the inside. As Fury explained to Carol Danvers later on, this was very much to Coulson's credit.

As thinking outside the box was such an important mandate for his work in Agents of SHIELD, viewers now have a historical example of how this trusting of instincts had proved a valuable asset to Coulson in previous tasks.


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