Captain Marvel Trailer 3 Reactions: 5 Ups & 2 Downs

Finally, Brie Larson's Avengers game-changer shows some real life...

Captain Marvel
Marvel Studios

In just a matter of months, Captain Marvel will make her grand entrance to the MCU, bringing her off-the-chart powers to the game along with her cat, Goose and Nick Fury's other eye. Inevitably, the next few weeks and months will no doubt see more marketing material and more tie-in merchandise and toys revealed as Marvel try to snap up as many tickers as possible and it's already begun in earnest.

There's now a third trailer for the film - branded as a Special Look - which features lots of new footage and which should get fans excited for the coming movie...

This might not strictly speaking be a full new trailer, but the Special Look is a better seller than the second trailer, certainly. It reuses a lot of the footage we've already seen, but it's cut together better (aside for that repeated "Carol falls over three times" motif that's in there again) and it's all just generally stronger.

Having said that, there are still some things to criticise about this latest step in Captain Marvel's marketing...

First the negatives...


2. The Banter's A Little Forced

Captain Marvel SHIELD Cap
Marvel Studios

It's all well and good selling the relationship between Captain Marvel and Nick Fury as a sort of odd couple on the road deal - like Planes, Trains & Automobiles where the McGuffin is something to do with Marvel's mysterious past, presumably - but forcing in too much banter is just silly.

It makes sense that Fury would be a more cheerful fellow before someone or something plucks his eye out, but if there's too much of him firing out quips, he's not going to look like the authoritarian trusted with running SHIELD in the not-too-distant-future. There's a threat of demystification there.

Banter is great, but having too much forced in will be too distracting and there's definitely an ominous whiff of that here.

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