Captain Marvel Trailer: What Is Brie Larson Actually Teasing?!

First look incoming!

Brie Larson Captain America

Are we about to see the first trailer for Captain Marvel? It's probably about time and Brie Larson IS teasing something related to Marvel landing today that would have a similar effect to Kim Kardashian's naked rear end.

The actress - who is set to play Marvel's new flagship hero in her own solo movie AND Avengers 4 in the space of a couple of months in 2019 - took to Twitter last night to tease something that will "break the Internet" in a back and forth with Entertainment Weekly...

The outlet gamely played along with a cheeky "Yes! Meet us here at noon ET. We've got something Marvel-ous in mind." Sending the Internet into a giddy headspin about what we could be about to see.

The reasonable assumption would be a trailer, but when you consider the fact that we haven't even had a first look at the film (at least not officially) and that EW are the announcement partners, it's probably more likely to be an official look at characters. A trailer would surely be revealed on something like Jimmy Kimmel, which would fit with Marvel Studios' existing media relationships (they tend to run big features with EW early in the marketing stage).

It's more likely that the images will be followed by a trailer in the coming days. And if it doesn't involve Kimmel and some sort of pager gag, there's something not right with this world.

Then there's the possibility that Marvel might use EW and Captain Marvel to announce the title of Avengers 4 at the same time, in order to bring even more attention to Captain Marvel's own project. That might sound like a dilution of her brand and a dangerous precedent for the film, BUT, we already know that Marvel will be playing a huge role in Avengers 4 (hell, she's basically the Messiah at this stage) so it wouldn't be out of place for the title to have a narrative link to her. And that would make this sort of announcement pretty fitting and it would be FAR more "Internet-breaking" than a first look or even a trailer.

Marvel have previously said we can expect a title announcement towards the end of the year, which might seem a little way away, but it's September now and you can practically taste Halloween and Christmas. So there's a chance... Either way, it's great to see that we're finally going to see some of Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel will be released on March 8th, 2019.

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