Christmas Gift Guide: 100 Presents You Need To Buy

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59. Nostalgia Retro Slush Machine (Menkind)

Parties and gatherings will never be the same again with this retro cool slush machine from Nostalgia (formerly Giles & Posner). Perfect for both indoor and outdoor events, or simply when you feel like a nice cool drink! The Retro Slush machine is simple to use - just add some small ice cubes from your freezer, some water and your favourite drink ingredients and watch your drink blend away! Your drink will then be served from an easy to use dispenser. Stumped for drink ideas? The fantastic retro slushie machine comes with some luscious recipe ideas too. A fun versatile product for kids of all ages, and a great addition to your next party. Wouldn't look out of place in the most glamorous of desginer kitchens or home bars either! Buy It

60. R2D2 Cookie Jar (Menkind)

Defend your cookies from prying fingers with this R2-D2 ceramic cookie jar. The jar is modelled on the Droid with accurate features, and the air tight lid keeps your secret stash of treats hidden and fresh, so nothing can stop you having a feast of galactic proportions! Know someone who is a fan of the Star Wars franchise? Star Wars fans are the easiest people to buy presents for. This R2-D2 cookie jar is practical whilst paying homage to the most famous Droid of all time, so will make the ideal gift for a Star Wars fan. Buy It

61. Star Wars Yoda Dressing Gown (Menkind)

Know any Star Wars fans? They€™re the easiest people to buy presents for and this dressing gown makes a perfect replacement for that mouldy old bathrobe, whilst paying homage to one of the most iconic Sci-Fi characters in the universe! The hood features one of Yoda's most famous characteristics - his big, green ears. These make the robe instantly recognisable and add a real touch of the character to the dressing gown. The Jedi you know is bound to thank you when he is curled up in his new robe on the sofa, with his Star Wars box set ready to go. "Soft it is. Cosy it is. Comfortable you will be."Buy It

62. Marvel iPad Cover (Menkind)

Superheroes can protect and defend but can they keep precious iPad or tablet safe and secure? Definitely with this multi-character Marvel Comics iPad case.This Marvel superhero cover is ideal for those familiar with the likes of Spiderman, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four! Or, simply for anyone who loves a superhero! Made from wipe clean polyester, the iconic all over pattern features a collage of Marvel Comic strip pages. Mens fashions featuring comic book superheroes are more than just accessories -they prove the carrier is real fan, which makes this the perfect gift for the ardent follower of Marvel comics. Buy It

63. Pointless The Board Game

Can you name a country beginning with the letter M that no one else would think of? How about Mali or Micronesia? Can you think of a character from Toy Story that nobody else would remember? We all know Buzz Lightyear, but who remembers Wheezy the penguin? Put your obscure and pointless knowledge to the test with this board game version of the popular BBC2 quiz show hosted by Alexander Armstrong. Fight against your natural instincts as you try to score the least number of points by guessing the least popular answers to general knowledge questions. In Pointless a series of questions is presented to the players. These questions have also been surveyed to a group of 100 other people. It€™s the players€™ job to think of an answer that is not only correct, but also the least popular among those surveyed. For example, if the question asks you to name a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Titanic is not a good answer as 88 people in the survey gave this. Anybody who says The Man in the Iron Mask gets a much better score of 6 points. Any correct answers the survey didn€™t think of are Pointless answers and award a most desirable zero points. Who will carry off the Pointless trophy among your family and friends? For 2 to 4 players or teams and ages 10 and up. Buy It

64. Smart Ass Board Game

Have you ever played a game and been bursting to yell out the answer even when it's not your turn? Here's your chance! Each question has ten clues. The first player to yell out the correct answer wins the round and takes a step closer to being the ultimate "Smart Ass". Nominated for Australia's Game of the Year in 2007 Quick-moving, fun party game. No specific knowledge base required For ages 12 years+ For 2 - 8 Players. Buy It

65. Desk-Top Swing-Ball

Take on your friends and family at this modern version of an old classic, with the Mini Swingball set from Mookie! Fill the base with ballast, sand or water, and you can play on any surface.The ball is tethered to the pole, and spins up or down depending on which way it gets hit. When the ball reaches the top or bottom, the Windicator disc mounted on top spins and pops up to declare the winner! Mookie Mini Swingball is a perfect indoor game or outdoor game. Buy It

66. Pillow Pets

Few things compare to the comfort and companionship of a soft, cuddly stuffed animal. Pillow Pets add true function to that warm and wonderful feeling by combining the security of a stuffed animal with the functionality of a pillow. Made of high quality, super soft chenille, Pillow Pets make the most precious snuggle pals. An ideal naptime companion - not to mention a comforting partner on a road trip, aeroplane, or when watching tv. Close the velcro fastener across the belly and you have a comforting toy, open the strap and the toy becomes a comfortable pillow, a snuggly transformation in seconds. A pillow and a pet all in one, ideal as a companion. Buy It

67. Scrabble Deluxe

With a low profile built-in turntable that allows the board to turn easily during play, tiles are held perfectly on the beautifully designed board, Scrabble deluxe is a perfect combination of good looks and improved functionality. A most luxurious Scrabble set, this is an ideal gift for the Scrabble player. it contains a highly-finished wooden framed board with a raised grid to keep the wooden tiles in place. All the contents are made to the highest quality. Buy It

68. Monopoly Vintage

This collectible wooden package brings back the original gameboard from one of the very first editions of the game. Slide out the cover and you'll find vintage-look components , a built-in bankers tray and a visual history of the decades as Monopoly as been steaming along - from the 30's right up to the new millennium. So hop aboard and travel down memory lane with this timeless Monopoly edition. Buy It

69. Would I Lie To You Board Game

A game of quick thinking that calls for a cool head and poker face! Can you fool your opponents with an on-the-spot lie? Can your team invent a bizarre lie that sounds more convincing than a bizarre truth? Can you convincingly describe a picture that isn't even there? Just like the TV show, some of the facts are true, some are not... it's for you to decide. Would I Lie to you? is the hit comedy TV panel show from the BBC featuring celebrity guests and now you too can play at home with this brilliantly adapted board game. With content written by the TV show's producers and featuring rounds from the show such as "Quick Fire Lies", "Ring of Truth" and the picture card round, "This Is"... Can your opponents guess if you are telling the truth or a pack of lies? Perfect for those who enjoy bending the truth. You've just got to convince everyone else. Everything you need to play is included except the celebs! Buy It

70. Meccano Gears of War C.O.G King Raven

Build this authentic C.O.G King Raven and recreate battles between the Delta Squad and the Locusts! The King Raven is a transportation and assault helicopter for C.O.G army. The helicopter has rotating propellers, 2 mobile doors and retractable belly-mounted wheels. It is equipped with a machine gun for air attacks. The set comes with 4 figurines (Marcus Fenix & Clayton Carmine from the Delta Squad, a Locust Drone and a Locust sniper) and 6 weapons. Building instructions, tools and stickers included. From 8 years old. Buy It

71. Meccano Gears of War C.O.G Armadillo Armored Personnel Carrier

Build this Armadillo and recreate battles against Dominic Santiago and a Locust Drone! The Armadillo has a transportation purpose. It has 3 rotational gun turrets, a trap door, 6 real-working wheels and a mobile front tread. The set comes with 2 figurines (2 inches) and 3 weapons. Building instructions, stickers and tools included. More than 80 parts. Suitable for ages 8 Years + Buy It

72. Meccano Gears of War C.O.G Centaur Tank

Build this authentic C.O.G Centaur Tank and recreate battles between the Delta Squad and the Locusts! The Centaur is a battle and assault tank. It has a hood-mounted 360° rotating turret with a mobile cannon, 4 real-working large wheels and a mobile front tread. The set comes with 4 figurines (2 inches) and 4 weapons : Marcus Fenix & Augustus Cole from the Delta Squad and 2 locust drones. Building instructions, stickers and tools included. More than 120 pieces. From 8 years old. Buy It
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